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 As nature lovers and adventure seekers ourselves, we love the idea of capturing your most special day in groovy locationssurrounded by your nearest and dearest. 

Being a part of your love story is a privilege we cherish. We celebrate by crafting films that are not just videos but artistic, heartfelt stories filled with emotions and breathtaking scenes, ensuring you and your loved ones can relive these cherished moments for years to come.”


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2 Cinematographers 

12 Hours – Multi-Day

Drone Coverage 

Teaser Film (1 min.)

Highlight Film (8 min.)

Adventure Film – (1-2 min.)

Travel Cost Included



1 Cinematographers 

8 Hours of Coverage 

Drone Coverage

Teaser Film (1 min.)

Highlight Film (5 min.)



1 Cinematographers 

6 Hours of Coverage 

Drone Coverage

Teaser Film (1 min.)

Highlight Film (5 min.)



Full Day edit - Add on

Feature Film (20-25 min.)

Documentary Style Film

Includes Coverage Of:

First Look – Ceremony (Vows) – Reception Speeches

Digital & USB Delivery



Adventure Film

1 Cinematographer 

3 Hours of Coverage  

Teaser Film (1-2 min.) 

Digital Delivery


Let’s explore +Adventure Film

If you and your loved one are seekers of wonder, of moments that cause your hearts to race, moments so full of adventure they make you feel fully alive reminding you just how beautiful this life is, come with us on a magical journey to celebrate your engagement! 


Your team

Photos by Corey Lynn Tucker

Hey there! It’s Gio and Mariah. Since we’re chatting about “love stories” here’s an insight into ours! 

We met while studying film and photography at the University of Hartford. While in school, Mariah would reach out to Gio to aid her with her film projects and Gio would ask Mariah to model for his photo portfolio. Our connection grew as we inspired together over bacon, egg, and cheese bagels and helped each other expand and experiment within our art forms. 

After college, we continued to collaborate and bring our visions to life. We found ourselves within the wedding industry and that’s where the love story magic began! After filming countless weddings, we’ve honed in on our techniques, style, and expertise. We’ve learned what moments to capture that spark emotion, laughter, and happy tears. Our goal with every film is to be authentic and true to who YOU are, capture the essence of nature, and have a great time, of course. 

As your cinematographers, we listen closely, we give 200% every time, and we bring great energy.

Our couples love deeply, laugh so hard their bellies ache, wear smiles so big their faces kinda of hurt, and of course have a love for the outdoors.

If this sounds like you and your loved one and you feel a higher connection with us, we’d love to connect and hear about your love, we’ll bring the espresso! 

A Few Words From Our Happy Couples


A Video Studio created a gorgeous time capsule of the happiest day of our lives, capturing not only what happened but most importantly, how it felt. We couldn’t believe all the small details and intimate moments that Gio caught on film, on top of gorgeous cinematic shots that took our breaths away.

We’re not the most comfortable in front of a camera, but Gio is such a genuine and friendly presence that we felt totally at ease and could just focus on being in the moment.

At the same time, he knew when to gently direct us in a way that felt natural and fun and produced the most stunning scenes.

Since we eloped, many of our family and friends couldn’t be there, so we are beyond grateful to have this beautiful piece of art to share with them. You can trust that your wedding day memories will be in the best of hands with Gio and Mariah.

- Tiffany + Jonathan 2020

T&J – Reaction to Teaser Film

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