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We have three  ongoing series, each with its own unqiue cpativating feel.

Your story

60′ second Series¬†

STay Rooted

Visual Zen & Meditation


Portraits of Mankind

Your Story

This series was designed to highlight society’s unique artists and individuals. Basically showcasing what they bring to the world. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes!

First Friday, Every Month

Episodes Released

People Impacted

~ Stay Rooted ~

Staying rooted is essential in being happy day to day. This series provides a glance at nature paired with audio from that location! Providing you with 30 to 60 seconds of meditation and zen. Stop, breathe, and return to our roots.


Episodes Released

Locations Filmed


A glimpse into the embodiment of who an individual is, what they represent, and how they are presented to society. We offer the world a look at impactful human beings.


Episodes Released

People Impacted

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AV Series are special, articulate, and made with passion. Every step of production is treated with the upmost care.




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